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Morphe X Bretman Babe in Paradise Highlighter Palette

₱1,850.00 ₱2,140.00


Meet our brand-new High Impact Highlighters. These six shades were developed with Bretman Rock and are truly made for every Morphe Babe under the sun. Beach please, you’ve never seen or felt highlighters this bomb before. These daringly creamy, zero-gravity highlighters create explosive, prismatic effects. Pair with the custom fan brush and you’re good to glow.


  • BEHBEH GURL (pearlescent pink)
  • VAYGAYTION (iced champagne sheen)
  • MAHU (gilded gold)
  • GET LEI’D (peachy pink sheen)
  • CHEEHOO (soft rose sheen)
  • SHADY BITCH (golden copper luster)

Custom Fan Brush: Natural Bristles

Travel Light: Net Wt. 28g / 0.99 oz.



Pop it like it’s hot with a subtle-yet-fierce highlight to naturally enhance what yo mama gave you.

  1. Choose one shade that naturally enhances your complexion and gives you a subtle, radiant glow.
  2. Dip the edge of the Custom Fan Brush into the highlighter. Hold the brush away from the ferrule and sweep the highlighter seamlessly onto skin.
  3. Apply to the high points of your cheekbones, following the curvatures of your face.


Make the room go boom by adding in other shades and creating mega dimension.

  1. Using your M510 Pro Round Blender Brush, apply highlighter shade in a C-shape, starting from your cheekbone, working upwards to your temples.
  2. Continue by sweeping onto the bridge of the nose, inner corners of the eyes, underneath the brow bone and Cupid’s bow.


Glow big with a precise application technique that mixes all the shades. All. Over. The. Body.

1. Based on your skin tone, choose the brightest, most luminous shade in the palette.
2. Take your E10 Tapered Concealer Brush and spritz Continuous Setting Mist onto the bristles to dampen and get your R7 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brushready for some major body highlighting.
3. Apply onto these areas: Brow bone / Inner corners of eyes / Center of lid / Highest point of cheekbone (closest to eye) / Cupid’s bow / Chin / Ears / Shoulders / Collar Bone

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